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  • The main idea behind Text-It project is to consolidate various online graphics generators (such as online web button makers, badge makers, logo makers, banner makers, icon makers... etc.) under one powerful online engine without undermining the quality of resulted product.
  • Text-It engine allows generating professional looking web graphic products utilizing idea of drawing text (and other images) over the base image by the mean or controls, some of  which are rarely found within average online graphics generators. Essentially, all shapes and objects used to draw graphics layers in Text-It pulled from symbol (dingbat) fonts and then processed with rendering controls.
    Base image
    is simply any image, which could be used as a base for applying a text or other images and generating buttons, tabs, logos banners, icons or other web graphics. Text-It does not act alone. A base image should be first prepared with OGIM (Online Gradient Image Maker).
  • Text-It engine has some unique features (such as specifically created "mask shapes" font, auto mask), which make generating web 2.0 graphics a snap.
  • There are number of ready to use base images already exist in gallery and at Text-It samples page, which could be used as a base for web graphics. Why two part process? Both engines (OGIM and Text-It) are quite complex for a web application and contain too much control settings  to be consolidated under single window.

    Below is a series of sample images representing the process of layering in Text-It. Each layer has one font symbol (processed with gradient and other engine controls) applied and mix with previously applied layers within the same Text-It engine window.
Text-It engine layering
Text-It engine layering

  • Multi-Layering text/image drawing. Up to 10 layers could be mixed or used separately for drawing strings of differently styled text and/or other external images.
  • 10 external images/icons could be uploaded (one for each layer), maintained under your account and pasted if necessary over the base image.
  • Over 70 built-in fonts including 20 symbol fonts with easy to use graphical map. One True Type Font could be uploaded and used with any layer.
  • Standard text styling - bold, italic, underline and multi-lined text alignment.
  • Texturing strings of text with built-in hatch or with any external texture images you may store under layers.
  • 2 color gradient for drawing text and 2 color gradient for optional text shadow. Color gradient could have a transition under any angle, has an opacity and slide control. Shadow could be used to simulate to some degree 3D text appearance such as (engrave, bevel) or for creating a distant shadow.
  • Web 2.0 graphics special - "Auto Mask" for generating an instant light reflections on any text of a symbol. For rectangle and oval shapes specifically designed "Mask Shapes" font.
  • Text and external images could be precisely positioned at the base images (1px precision) and rotated under any angle.
  • External images placed at the base image could have background removed (gif, png, ico) and have transparency control.
  • Text could be flipped (for reflection/mirror effect), warped and have separately scaled width and height (in addition to regular text size control).
  • Overall Engine control settings could be saved as "styles", permanently maintained under your account and loaded at any time. Eliminates an overhead of matching the style in previously created graphics or layers by loading saved settings in any project. Some built-in "styles" used in samples are listed by default.
  • Work under single window with instant preview for most of the controls.
  • Comprehensive online manual.
  • Download final product in .png, .jpg or .bmp format (with quality control for jpg).

  • The only requirement to launch Text-It is an account. Once account is created and logged on with, Text-It could be launched from the OGIM engine window. There is no charge for using OGIM or Text-It. The reason for account requirement is to facilitate uploaded images storage and custom "styles" maintenance. The account also provides an ability to share created with OGIM base images and maintaining the list of favorites shared by you or other visitors.
  • Browser should support Cookies and JavaScript.
  • Some experience with graphics would certainly help.
How to Start?
  1. Create an account or logon if already have an account.
  2. For quick start check the gallery of graphic images created with Text-It as well as Tutorial page.

Navigate to samples page for base image OGIM links and Text-It layers reference for generating web graphics such as web buttons, web badges, web icons, logos and more.



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