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Text-It Samples Reference for Web 2.0 graphics

General Instructions
  1. All of the sample graphics images were generated in OGIM and Text-it engines.
    There is no software download or setup at your computer. Everything would be done in your browser.

    In order to open any of the sample images for editing  or create your own graphics in Text-It engine, make sure  to create a free account first, or logon to the account if already registered. (Note: Find more information about Text-It engine - graphics generator HERE)
  2. Follow Pat 1 of the tutorial at video tutorials page or follow brief instructions below:


All of the clock sample images below were generated mostly with "GA Clocks" font. There are variety of dials to choose from. Clocks font may be downloaded from

Important !! Layer styles listed in "Text Layer Styles" column are not available by default within Text-It engine window. You would need to click "Add Styles" to apply references to your account before launching Text-It.
Sample Images OGIM Ext. Images Text Layer Styles
blue shine clock Reference None clock1-L[1-9]

Add Styles 
green shine clock Reference Add To Layer 1 clock2-L[1-9]

Add Styles 
red shine clock Reference None clock0-L[1-9]

Add Styles 
square shine clock Reference None clock3-L[1-9]

Add Styles  



Web 2.0 graphics. Glass buttons with 3D text rendering. Text reflection and glass surface. Gloss icons and metal icons. Online graphics generator for glossy RSS Icons. Glossy square icons and gloss button. Glass ball and gloss ball, Glow chrome buttons, Gloss shine balls, glass marbles.

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