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Rapid Classified OGIM Design Pack Reference
This page is dedicated to special OGIM design Templates developed for Rapid Classified (RC) v3.2 application. If you are interested to learn about RC application, here are some links for you:

If you own a license for Rapid Classified v3.2 then the base OGIM Design Pack should be downloaded from a premium download page and installed at the respective RC site. Because all background images for this pack were generated right here with OGIM engine, each image can be opened for editing with a special "Reference" link. Hence you have an option to change template appearance (if necessary) by modifying and saving respective images for each template within the pack.

Note: Design pack comes standard in latest Rapid Classified v3.2c / v3.3

Some understanding of CSS might still require for amending templates. For reference to classes used throughout RC HTML design lookup chapter 3.0 in online Admin Help within your RC installation.

Select template you would like to get OGIM references for: 

Download additional, newly designed templates, which are not included into "Design Templates Pack" plug-in. More templates would be added upon availability.

Download Template Created Notes
Opal April 2 2008 For v3.2 only. Built into v3.2c/v3.3
Emerald April 7 2008 For v3.2 only. Built into v3.2c/v3.3
LCD April 10 2008 For v3.2 only. Built into v3.2c/v3.3. This template requires footer.asp amendments. Make sure to follow instructions.

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