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Image Name: Split Button
OGIM Image Keywords: split red button
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Great base for Text-It buttons. Stripe can be on right or left. Enable stripes. Enable all 5 stripes by assigning some color to the first stripe point. Switch Pattern Matching Engine OFF. For right stripe play with stripe width and spacing until the very right stripe aligned with right base image side. Start setting opacity to 0 for consecutive stripes starting from the 1-st stripe until only right stripe is visible. For left stripe do the opposite - make all stripes transparent but the first.

You can also have a stripe highlight. Use stripe shadow for that. Set some shadow amount (start with 1px). Assign shadow color to both sides of the visible stripe. Then play with Shadow position until the highlight is at the correct side of the stripe.

Load image into Text-it and add text, masks for gloss ...etc.

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  Split Button
OGIM 12/16/2008 7:51:08 PM

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