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Chapter - 4.0 Share, Download and Reference


  • OGIM generates all images in PNG format. Each Image generated with OGIM could be downloaded right away by clicking Download button.
  • Each Image generated with OGIM has a specific Reference URL address which could be bookmarked in a browser. When you click Reference tab, the OGIM URL address respective to the created image is placed into the Address box of your browser. This URL could be bookmarked if you need to save OGIM settings for the created image. At the same time it is temporary saved in current browser session and the button My Latest Reference linked to the last referenced image would appear at the top navigation menu. This reference is saved until the browser is closed.
  • To share generated images by submitting them into Gallery you would need to create an account with OGIM. Once you logged to the account, Share tab would be functional and image reference could be submitted into the Gallery.


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